This website is powered by a RESTful API built using Django and Django REST Framework
Here is a list of URLs you can use to explore the website contents in a less user-friendly way!


-API base URL
blogGETGet all blog posts
blog/[]|[post.slug]GETGet a blog post
blog/[]|[post.slug]/relatedGETGet related blog posts for a post
blog?search=[query]GETSearch blog posts
snippetsGETGet all code snippet(s)
snippets/[]|[snippet.slug]GETGet a code snippet
languagesGETGet all programming languages used in code snippets
language/[]|[language.slug]GETGet a programming language used in code snippet
language/[]|[language.slug]/snippetsGETGet all code snippets for a programming language
snippets?search=[query]GETSearch code snippets
projectsGETGet all portfolio projects
project/[]|[project.slug]GETGet a portfolio project
projects?search=[query]GETSearch protfolio projects
technologiesGETGet all technologies used in portfolio projects
technologies/[]|[technology.slug]GETGet a technology
technologies/[]|[technology.slug]/projectsGETGet all projects built using a technology
contentsGETGet all static contents
contents/[]|[content.slug]GETGet a static content

This is a fully integrated open-source project that uses NextJS, Redux, and Django to build. Grab your copy from Github

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